Week Ten

This week has been very exciting for a few reasons. First, it seems that many of the supervisors like our idea of deselecting some titles in order to change our Marcive status to "small" collection. Ms. Englert gave me a list of the library's government documents collection and I spent a large part of the week highlighting the documents that are available in both print and online. I found over 120 documents that fit this category. Of course this still leaves us with over 200 more titles to try to weed out, but it does bring us closer to our goal. I also started a time line this week in order to show when different services were chosen from Marcive and who Cook's government documents librarian was at the time. It was interesting reading past correspondence between the librarians here at Cook and the representatives at Marcive. Ms. Englert has assured me this project will be very useful to her and future librarians at Cook.

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