Second Week

Well it's my second week and I look to continue to work on the project that I began last week. My goal is basically to compare the Cook Library's government documents collection to the Federal Depository Library Handbook (FDLP) to see what documents Cook library is missing. That way the librarians here at Cook can improve the collection by obtaining the missing documents. This project, I have been told, will be very useful. This fact makes me feel much better about my work because it is always nice to do something worthwhile. As of right now I am creating a spreadsheet that lists all of the documents the FDLP has deemed necessary for an academic library. After that, I will manually check to make sure that all of the documents are there. But, it's important that I not get ahead of myself, take my time, and make sure all of my data entry is correct. What's the old saying? "Slow and steady wins the race."

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